The new '2018 Accord' agreement extends the legally-binding commitment to factory safety in Bangladesh

186 companies have now signed the new Bangladesh worker safety pact – the '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord' – with Australian apparel retailer The Just Group, and non-profit organisation Global Impact among the latest to commit.  Here we list the signatories so far.

The new 2018 Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh – the so-called '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord' – extends the work already carried out by the original five-year Accord, which was set up following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Dhaka in 2013 to oversee building and worker safety.

Intended as a three-year arrangement, the '2018 Transition Accord' was last month given an extension to its mandate by the Bangladesh government in a move that now means it will operate through 30 November 2018.

The new agreement extends the legally-binding commitment to factory safety in Bangladesh. It also strengthens the original Accord by expanding the work to other related facilities where there are significant safety issues, such as knitting, spinning and weaving; washing, dyeing and printing facilities; embroidery and accessories; home textiles; leather and footwear. In addition, the 2018 Accord includes new references to Freedom of Association and a complaints protocol to cover the right of workers to protect their own safety.

Pressure on more brands and retailers to commit to the '2018 Accord' appears to be paying off, with 186 companies having done so to date. 

Among the latest companies to commit to the new agreement are Australian apparel retailer The Just Group, and non-profit organisation Global Impact. Also onboard are German sportswear maker Puma, UK supermarket group Sainsbury's, Debenhams, Next, Fast Retailing, Marks & Spencer, Woolworths Australia, Helly Hansen, and Arcadia Group – nine firms previously named as among the biggest omissions.

Other recent signatories include Malta's Padma Textiles, underwear and swimwear brand L. ten Cate, Finnish retailing conglomerate Kesko, the Netherlands' Verburgt Fashion, sportswear brand Intersport, US clothing brand Bearbottom Clothing, which donates a pair of shorts to a child in need in Bangladesh for every item it sells, Turkish denim manufacturer Mavi, Belgian clothing brand Vegotex, UK clothing retailer Fat Face, HanesBrands-owned Knights Apparel, online children's sports apparel manufacturer Outerstuff, and fashion retailer Shop Direct.

Among the biggest omissions are Australia's Pacific Brands. 

There are warnings that without collective and ongoing support, efforts to finish the task of remediating all worker safety issues will lose impetus – leading to increased risk for the brands, retailers, and investors who are connected to the long-term sustainability of the sector.

Below is a list of the signatories as of 2 August 2018.

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Adidas Germany
Åhléns/Lagerhaus Sweden
Aldi North Germany
Aldi South Germany
Alma Mater Wear US
America Today Netherlands
American Eagle Outfitters US
APG and Co Australia
Arcadia Group UK
Artsana (Chicco) Italy
Auchan France
Baumhueter International Germany
Bel&Bo Belgium
Bearbottom Clothing US
Bel-confect Belgium
Benetton Italy
Bestseller Denmark
Bonmarche UK
BrandCo Management UK
Brands Fashion Germany
Brüzer Sportsgear Canada
C&A Germany
Camaïeu France
Carrefour France
Casino Global Sourcing Hong Kong
Cencosud Paris and Johnson Glamorous In Curve Glamorous Dress Curve Swing Sleeve Bell Floral With Print France
Cencosud Supermercados Chile
Chantal France
Cherokee/Hi-Tec Sports US
Chicca Body-Fashion Germany
Comtex Sri Lanka
CoolCat Netherlands
Coop Danmark Denmark
Cotton On Group Australia
Dansk Supermarked Group Denmark
Daytex Mode Germany
Debenhams UK
Deltex Germany
Designworks Australia
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Curve Glamorous Glamorous With Sleeve Bell Curve Dress Floral In Print Swing DK Company Denmark
DPDB Group Netherlands
Edinburgh Woollen Mill UK
El Corte Inglés Spain
Ellos Group Sweden
E Leclerc France
Ernsting's Family Germany
Esprit Hong Kong
Emergo Textile Projects BV (ETP) Netherlands
Euro Shoe Group Netherlands
Fashionbridge Poland
Fast Retailing Japan
Swing In Print Curve Dress Glamorous Floral Sleeve Bell With Glamorous Curve Fat Face UK
Fipo Group Denmark
Forever New Australia
Fristads Sweden
Fruit of the Loom US
Gebra Non-food Germany
Gekås Ullared  Sweden
G. Güldenpfennig  Germany
G-Star Netherlands
Gina Tricot Sweden
Global Impact US
H&M Sweden
Hakro Germany
Hanson Im- und Export Germany
Heinrich Obermeyer  Germany
Hemtex Sweden
Helly Hansen Norway
Hema Netherlands
HKG Garment Solution Germany
Bell Swing Dress Sleeve Glamorous Curve Floral Glamorous Print In With Curve Horizonte Germany
Hugo Boss Germany
Hunkemöller Netherlands
Hüren OHG Germany
ID Identity Denmark
Inditex (Zara) Spain
Glamorous Print Curve With Swing Curve Dress In Floral Glamorous Sleeve Bell Intersport Sweden
JBC Netherlands
Jogilo Belgium
John Lewis UK
Julius Hüpeden Germany
Juritex Import & Export GmbH Germany
KappAhl Norway
Karstadt Germany
Kesko Finland
Kid Interior Norway
KiK Germany
Kiltec Sport Germany
Klaus Herding Germany
Kmart Australia Australia
Knights Apparel US
Kromtex Denmark
L. ten Cate Netherlands
LC Waikiki Turkey
Licensing Essentials Pty Ltd Australia
Lidl Germany
Loblaw Canada
LPP Poland
Mainpol Germany
Swing Sleeve With Bell Dress Curve Curve Glamorous Floral Glamorous In Print Madness Sport Greece
Mango Spain
Marks & Spencer UK
Matalan UK
Mavi Turkey
Mayoral Moda Spain
Metro Group Germany
Miss Etam Netherlands
Monoprix France
Morrisons UK
Mothercare UK
MS Mode Netherlands
N Brown UK
New Agenda by Perrin US
New Frontier Germany
New Look UK
Next UK
Oceania Trading Asia UK
New Wave Group Sweden
O'Neill Netherlands
Olymp Bezner Germany
Orsay Germany
Outerstuff Ltd US
Glamorous Print In Floral Bell Curve With Sleeve Dress Swing Glamorous Curve Otto Germany
OVS Italy
Padma Textiles Malta
Paprika Cassis Luxembourg
Peak Performance Sweden
Prénatal Moeder & Kind Netherlands
Prenatal Retail Group (Prenatal: BimboStore; Mawi) Italy
Primark UK
Princess Gruppen Norway
Puma German
PWT Brands Denmark
Rawe Moden Germany
Reclaimed Sticks US
Reima Finland
Retail Holdings Curaçao
Rewe Group Germany
River Island UK
RNB Retail and Brands Sweden
s.Oliver Bernd Freier Germany
Sainsbury's UK
Sandryds Sweden
Schmidt Group Hong Kong
Shoeby Netherlands
Shop Direct UK
Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek Netherlands
Specialty Fashion Group Australia
Stadium AB Sweden
Star Brands Apparel UK
Stockmann Group Finland
Suprema Strick- und Wirkwarenfabrik Germany
Takko Germany
Tally Weijl Switzerland
Target Australia Australia
Tchibo Germany
Tesco UK
Tex Alliance Denmark
Texsport BV Netherlands
The Just Group Australia
The Sting House of Brands Netherlands
Top Grade International Hong Kong
Transmarina Handelsgesellschaft Germany
TVM Europe Germany
Uhlsport GmbH Germany
Uncle Sam Germany
Van der Erve Belgium
Varner Norway
Vegotex Belgium
Verburgt Fashion  Netherlands
Vetta US
Voice Norge AS Norway
WE Europe BV Netherlands
Wibra Supermarkt Netherlands
Woolworths Australia Australia
Workwear Group Pty Ltd Australia
Wünsche Group Germany
W Republic US
Yongo Europe Netherlands
Y'Organic Netherlands
Zeeman Netherlands
Zephyr Headwear US

Source: IndustriAll

For a list of companies that signed the original Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, click on the following link:

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